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Femme Fatale Photography(FemFatPhoto) is the Boudoir side.

créme de la photo is the portrait side

Part of her story- straight from Amanda herself...

What started out as a boudoir journey that was going just perfectly fine has turned into a complete life path journey that I have found myself on. I finally said wow, I’m on a path I actually belong on. Usually, I always chose the wrong way but as I look back all those wrong ways, dead ends and near devastating cliff dives got me to exactly where I am now. Exactly where I belong. In order to do this right, and honestly I had to drop my glass shield, admit how hurt  I have been over the last 30 some years, acknowledge that  I wasn’t alone and suit up again, but this time with no shield, no armour, no mask, no doors, no swinging swords-- just completely as myself. Just a little ole’ me. Purely myself. Emotional when everyone else only knows me an emotionless. Sappy and caring when everyone else only knew me as hard ass, strong willed- powerful me.  And I am not saying I am not any of these things people thought I was, I’m just saying “I am more.”  Shooting boudoir I am stripping individuals down to their most vulnerable state. I am unpeeling them one layer at a time, one piece at a time. It’s like strip poker but in a much more relaxed and controlled environment. Some would feel powerless, some would feel powerful. Some came in weak but left strong as a bull-  Some were shy and timid, quiet and nervous and I had to peel them down off my spinning chandelier 15 foot up in the ceiling while they were yelling heeHAW by the end of the shoot. Point is- We all had something in common regardless of how we came off and that was that we were all susceptible to physical or emotional, verbal or mental harm, hurt or betrayal- from friends, family, loved ones, enemies, from strangers and/or just preconceived notions.  If it wasnt already a part of their/our past, we were still open for it in the future. We are human, after all.  Unfortunately I saw that the damage was already done in most of us. We all had a story and we all had a story we could relate with each other in one way shape or form. These stories started turning into my burning passions and desires to help change, to help mend, to fix- to better- to forget... even if just for the moment. I started to realize my camera wasnt even my camera anymore. My hand was my camera. My eyes were my camera. My words. My thoughts, my voice. My camera is just an extension of myself. I am the camera. I am what is going to capture and create this moment in time.When you come to me be ready- be ready to just be you- The real deal, however you are you, Be bold, be brave, be scared, be nervous, be whatever it is that YOU ARE because you are now about to enter the most incredible judgment free zone of your entire life! Welcome to Femme Fatale Photography, LLC- A fully insured, legal, registered boudoir experience run by just little ole’ me, Amanda- You know....that crazy, no-longer single, mom to 4 humans and 3 rotties who seems to have no filter and is probably one of the most misjudged people you will ever meet-

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You are now entering a JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE


Nothing is off the table when you sit down to consult with Amanda about what you have in mind. Nothing. She never wants you to feel as if you can't say or ask what ever is on your mind or what are some of your ideas, thoughts or dreams? It's okay to show her an example of what you like or saw somewhere else because all too often today, we are shamed into worrying too much of what others may think of us instead of really going for what we want. The goal here is to put yourself, your thoughts, your ideas, your wants and needs first, if only for the duration of your time shooting then so be it. Be selfish while here. After all, this is all about you for a change, right?

This whole business is driven on P A S S I O N and when you mix two peoples passions together you have a really good fireworks type of feeling as its coming together! Can you imagine the feeling when its complete? Yes! It's that amazing! But only if you're honest with yourself and truly open up and get all your ideas out on the table. Remember, Amanda has been judged her entire life, mainly negatively or based on rumors, appearance or the aftermath of 7+ years of a narcissistic relationship so combine all these bends, breaks, kinks, turns, tragedies and triumphs together and you have probably the one person who would encourage you to be yourself and feel your best while doing it- completely conviction free. 

A fully functional fun, creative, smart human tangled with ideas, mixed with laughs and in a safe, comfortable environment


Amanda graduated from Art Institute of Pittsburgh 2016  with an Associate Degree in Science for Photography. (A.S.)

While going for her A.S. instead of the A.A. (science/business side vs. the art/design side) Amanda realized within a month of graduating that she wanted more and signed right back up. She is currently attending the Art Institute again to receive her Bachelor's Degree in Science for Photography. Her next big graduation is tentatively set for the end of 2018. 

Amanda is always juggling 4 kids, their homework and extra activities, 3 dogs, a triangle of great friends and a fiancé. He has added traveling to her busy schedule and now each day is a mysterious gift that keeps her soul beaming, heart growing and creativity flowing. 

Amanda is beyond busy but while doing something she loves as much as she does with using her creative mind to empower and uplift people thru the use of her camera she can hardly call this work. Call today to schedule a sit-down with her and grab your spot! 609-686-6616

Amanda is registered with the State of NJ to be able to conduct business legally and holds a huge umbrella of insurance over herself and her business for everyone's protection.

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Why choose Amanda?


It is very important to choose someone with passion to document your most memorable moments. 

You really need to trust who you are going to be sharing some of your most intimate moments with and a huge part of the boudoir photo sessions are more therapeutic rather then anything else.  Sure you're going to get amazing images, but you're going to get your story told, either for you alone, your loved ones or the world. The choice is yours. You won't find too many examples online because of her clients privacy but in a face to face free consult she can show you so much.  Amanda gives each client the final say of what gets shared, regardless of what her release says she can do.  This limits her online portfolio growth but her clients peace of mind is worth more. Some people come out and say YES, you can show the world how amazing I am at the time of the shoot, others take days, weeks, months or years later.

Amanda also doesn't limit your time shooting like others may do.  With an extensive poker playing background she's got the patience needed to get through anything.

After your shoot you will get a private password protected digital image online viewing gallery and depending on which package options you opt for you will receive immediate downloads, order prints or other products from her lab, etc. USB's available á la carte. 


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Amanda loves her clients, obviously in the flesh, real deal nice to meet you handshake kind of way, not meeting you thru a text message,  so feel free to call to schedule a 1 on 1, FREE consult visit to talk about anything and everything you may have in mind. Oh and don't worry if you don't have any ideas, Amanda does. Can't meet up in person? It's ok, you can Skype, Facetime or Tango with Amanda before your shoot. Her Skype is Fem_fat_photo

Femme Fatale Photography - A Boudoir Experience

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