About Us

Who are we?

We are an excited bunch of women who admit we all have a story and the most freeing way to get through it, is share it, tell it, expose it- free yourself from it!

This is not just for women! Of course because of our boudoir background it will mainly be women but we know there are men and teenagers out there suffering as well. Victims of abuse, gender issues, bullying, body image and more- This Foundation is for all sexes and ages.

We are ready to help boost everyone else's self esteem and show you that no one should have to deal with body image struggles. We're ll different for a reason and we will find your reason.

We want all people, regardless of how big or small you may think your story is, to  realize that there is help out there for you and once you share yours, if you can help change even just one other person who has been thru what you have, then you will have done- not only for yourself- but for others.

Our Mission

The  mission of The Art of Loving You Foundation, a (soon to be) non-profit organization, is to promote self-worth, confidence and vitality by providing positive image photo sessions with individuals who have experienced some of the harsher impacting aspects of life.  Women, teens and men who have been victims of bullying, physical abuse, mental abuse, who suffer from low self-esteem and lack self-worth need to realize they play a very important part in society regardless of how others make you think you should look, act or feel.  These people come from all walks of life and struggle with depression, withdrawal and the feeling of uselessness.  

We hope to execute a plan based on individual needs by involving local healthcare practitioners, dentists, surgeons, weight trainers, nutritionists, therapists (and hopefully so many more as we grow) to help these individuals realize their inner and outer beauty.  You too can shine and grow and help pass on the message by sharing your photos and experiences to other individuals who suffer and also need some up-lifting.

How can you help us?

Right now we are not completely set up so we don't have a nonprofit number to link for donations to come in online. We currently are only accepting cash and check donations in person or through the mail.